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Today we would like to announce you, that we (d3dx9, Force67, razzkulz, pincer and PChard) have left the former GTA: Orange team.

There were big inconsistencies within the team and some of these we would like to address. Let's begin with how everything began.

A long time ago 0x452 disappeared without communicating it with us, however everything was agreed in terms of the namechange. Some of your team members wanted to take the name "NeoFive" but 0x452 sticked with the name "GTA: Orange" - the team agreed to it, to avoid stress.

In between it was said, some users couldn't access the board, this was false, the website was accessible all over the world.

We may think 0x452 used this as a reason for the new domain and webspace.

Some time passed, 0x452 reappeared. Did decisions without our knowledge, what we didn't wanted afterwards.

One decision was a new domain, and a new forum suite (IPS Community Suite) which was obviously cracked, since he used it already before on  MultiFive. You can find a proof in the picture which is included.

Force67 and me (d3dx9) decided to leave the project since we didn't want to have anything to do with it. Some members followed us.

We also decided to continue our project under a new brand, Project Five. We are also allowed to use the old code (thanks for this to Tuxick).

We would like to thank some people here which gave us the courage to continue:

 - pincer

 - razzkulz

 - PChard

 - Voxel

 - iN3r

 - Sconio


and everybody else who stay with us.

Thank you,

d3dx9 and Force67